Privacy Policy

Last revised on January 19, 2020

Welcome to Buddoop!

Buddoop is a post-based online social network that allows individuals to meet other people (with the potential for friendship) with the same interests.

Our Privacy Policy describes the information we process to support our platform. We believe that your privacy is a priority. With our Privacy Policy, we want you to know what data we collect and how we use it. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to information that you may have provided to others. You must read our Privacy Policy carefully before using our services.

In our Privacy Policy (i.e., "policies"), "Platform", "we", or "our" are synonymous with Buddoop. We use the terms "user", "you" or "your" for anyone who uses our Platform and any organization or person who uses the Platform on behalf of an organization.

Since Buddoop is always looking for better ways to help you build meaningful friendships, we can change our policies from time to time. We will notify you at least 7 days before the effective day of the new policy if the changes affect the way we use your personal information.

If you have any questions about Buddoop's Privacy Policy, please contact us.

1. The Information We CollectThe Information You Provide Us
  • When creating an account, you provide us with your login credentials (email, username and password), your name and nickname.
  • When completing your profile, you can share some information about yourself and what activities (categories) interest you the most.
  • If you contact us, we will collect the information you give us.
  • If you ask us to process information from other users (for example, to report a publication that violates our terms), we can identify you and review your request.
  • The content of your publications and messages on our Platform.
  • The links to your other social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and / or Twitter) published by you on your profile.
The Information Other Users Provide About You
  • Other users may provide information about you when reporting your content that may be in violation of our Terms of Service.
The Information We Collect When You Use Our Services
  • We collect information about the resources you used on our Platform and the devices you use to access it.
  • Information about your activity, such as how long you use our services, login date and time, and searches on our Platform.
  • Your interaction with other users, such as the time and date of the messages and the number of messages sent and received, as well as the content of the messages.
The Information We Collect From Your Device
  • Buddoop may collect information about the devices you use to access our services (for example, a computer or mobile device), about the operating system and version, about your mobile network and some unique device identifiers, such as your IP address. By collecting this information, we can improve our services and maintain a consistent experience across your devices.
2. How We Use Information

We use the information you provide to us (and you choose to provide it to us) and other users provide about you to support and improve the services produced by Buddoop. With this information, you help us to improve our services.

  • The information you provide helps us to personalize your feed to show the events closest to you.
  • The information we collect about your activity on our Platform helps us in our research, development and termination of resources for a better user experience.
  • The information you provide to us, and others provide about you, helps us verify account activity, combat content that violates our contract in our Terms of Service and prevent spam to maintain the integrity of our services.
  • The information you provide to us may be used to contact you. For example, if we change our Privacy Policy and the collection of your personal information affects you, we will notify you by email at least 7 calendar days before the changes take effect. We can also contact you if we receive any feedback to learn more about your ideas.
3. How We Share Information

Buddoop aims to help you meet extraordinary people and make meaningful connections with them. For that to happen, we obviously need to allow other users to see how amazing you are by sharing some of your information.

With Other Users
  • We will share with other users the information shown on your profile, such as name, nickname, username, profile photo, home photo, interests, written information you have provided about yourself, who your Buddoop friends are and events that you post.
  • Your profile information is public. This means that all users of our platform can see the content on your profile.
  • When chatting with other users, they will be able to read the messages you have sent.
  • We will share your status in the messages section, that is, another user (friend or not) will be able to see if you are online.
When Required by Law
  • We can share your information with legal authorities, if necessary. It may be to (i) comply with a legal process (for example, court order or search warrant); (ii) preserve someone else's security (even if you are not a Buddoop user); (iii) facilitate the prevention or detection of a crime, if legally requested; (iv) protect our legal rights and those of our users; or (v) mitigate our liability in the presence of a lawsuit.
4. Information Retention and Account Exclusion

We will retain your personal information only as long as you have an account. We would hate to see you go if you decide to permanently delete your account. If you do, we will delete all of your information (unless we are legally required to keep it). However, we can keep the messages or comments you have sent to Buddoop to help us improve our services. Once you delete your account, it will no longer be visible to other users. If you decide to leave the Buddoop community, new users will be able to use the username you used for your account. After deleting your account, your link to our contract ends immediately. However, if you notice that you miss us, you can always create a new account, as your old information would have been deleted from our database. Note that this does not mean that you can have two accounts simultaneously. As stated in our Terms of Service, you must maintain only one account.

5. How We Protect Your Information

We work continuously to protect your information from unauthorized access, alteration or deletion of your account and information, by regularly monitoring possible vulnerabilities and how we collect and store your information. However, we do not guarantee that the information provided to Buddoop will always remain secure. We may suspend or delete your account without notice if we suspect or detect a breach of our agreement. If you suspect that someone has unauthorized access to your account, do not hesitate to contact us.