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    Ernesto González

    Co-founder, Back-end Developer, CEO

    Ernesto came up with the idea of Buddoop. He is responsible for what is happening in the background of our platform. He is a fan of Orwell and Chekhov but occacional swaps the book for the ball. He is afraid of sharks but likes to watch "Shark Week". His motto is "Why not?".

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    Marisabel González

    Co-founder, Front-end Developer, CMO

    Marisabel, also known as Marisa or Mari, coded the initial design of our platform. She’s also the one letting the world know why Buddoop is awesome through the mysterious power of the Internet. Marisa is always curious in knowing how our brains function and she loves thrillers along with a cup of tea.

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    Maria Serra

    Front-end Developer

    When it comes to front-end developing, Maria enjoys embracing the idea of design. She never misses a sunset. When it comes to sushi… She loves to embark on the gastronomi (and somewhat trendy) experience of tasting sushi.

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    Therapeutic Pet

    Leti is responsible for spreading relaxation at the end of the day. She just sits next to us and let us touch her belly… sometimes. Occasionally, she walks on the keyboard and helps writing some lines of code.

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    This Could Be You

    What would your role be?

    If you identify yourself with what we are building, and would like to be a part of it, we would love to hear what you have to offer. Please send us your CV and Cover Letter letting us know what could you bring to Buddoop and why you are the best person for it.